– Arush Pathak is from a family of five judges.
– He cleared the UPPSC PCS-J exam and became a judge in Rajasthan.
– However, he wanted to be closer to his family in Uttar Pradesh and decided to take the UPPSC PCS-J exam again.
– Arush’s father, two sisters, and two brothers-in-law are already judges.
– Arush excelled in academics from childhood, obtaining a law degree from AMU and an LL.M from Lucknow.
– He passed the Rajasthan PCS-J exam in 2022 and ranked 40th.
– His two sisters, Poonam and Babita, are also judges, with Poonam and her husband working in Mathura and Babita and her husband in Chandauli.
– Arush set a goal to become a judge in Uttar Pradesh after passing the Rajasthan exam.
– He achieved this dream by passing the UPPSC PCS-J exam with a rank of 97.
– Arush’s family has always been a source of motivation for him, and his ultimate goal is to provide quick justice to the needy.

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Lucknow boasts of a family that’s nothing short of a legal dynasty. The Pathak household resonates with conversations around jurisprudence, for it’s not just one or two, but four members who have adorned the robe of a judge. And the latest to join this prestigious league is Aarush Pathak, marking a remarkable achievement.

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Aarush’s Initial Journey:

Lucknow resident, Aarush Pathak, isn’t new to the judicial realm. Before stepping into Uttar Pradesh’s judicial circle, he had already secured a position as a civil judge in Rajasthan. This achievement in 2022 saw him clinching the 40th rank in the Rajasthan PCS-J exam, a notable accomplishment for any aspirant.

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The Pathak Legacy:

But this penchant for law isn’t something new for the Pathaks. Aarush’s inspiration, his father, Srichand Pathak, dedicated years serving as a judge before his retirement. To add to the family’s distinction, Aarush’s two sisters and their husbands too hold the esteemed position of judges. This family certainly stands as a beacon of dedication and commitment to the legal profession.

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Homecoming Desire:

While Rajasthan offered Aarush a prestigious start, the distance from his family weighed on him. His longing to be closer to his family and serve his home state propelled him to take on the UPPSC PCS-J exam.

A Stellar Student:

Aarush’s achievements don’t come as a surprise to those who know him. Throughout his academic journey, he shone brightly, consistently showcasing his intelligence and dedication.

Academic Journey in Law:

Aarush’s foundation in law began with a degree from a reputed private university. But not stopping there, he pursued an LLM from Lucknow, strengthening his legal acumen. His dedication was evident when he emerged as a civil judge in Rajasthan in 2022.

Realizing His Dream:

Despite his prior success, Aarush’s heart was set on serving in Uttar Pradesh. His vision became a reality when he cleared the exam with the 97th rank. While many would rest on their laurels after one achievement, Aarush’s relentless pursuit stands testimony to his commitment. His recent accomplishment not only added another feather to his cap but also brought immense pride to the Pathak family.

Aarush Pathak
Aarush Pathak

In conclusion, the Pathak family epitomizes dedication to the field of law. Aarush Pathak’s journey, marked by hard work, perseverance, and a deep-rooted passion for jurisprudence, serves as an inspiration for many budding lawyers across the country. As he embarks on this new chapter in Uttar Pradesh, one can only anticipate many more accomplishments from this young judge.