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Patna News: Good news is coming for the people living in the capital Patna. The happy news for them is that Saidpur drain will be renovated in the capital Patna. For this, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has laid the foundation stone for it.

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For your information, let us tell you that this work was pending for a long time. It is being told that with its construction the traffic system of this area will be strengthened. The most joyful news is coming regarding the construction of road over Saidpur drain.

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Both are ready for this. That is, Road Construction and Urban Development Department. The most important thing is that the road construction work will be done by the Road Construction Department. Which is going to cost around Rs 270 crores to build it.

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Friends, with the construction of a road on the Saidpur drain, many people will find it easier to travel through this route. Let us tell you that the work on this drain was pending for a long time. The length of the road to be built here will be approximately 6 kilometers.

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