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Bihar News: Very happy news is coming for the people of Bihar. Because the journey of the people of Bihar is going to be easy. It is being told that the new four lane being built from Patna to Bettiah in Bihar will be completely completed in 35 months.

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Let us tell you that a tender has also been floated for this bridge to be built from the capital Patna to Bettiah. For your information, let us tell you that in the alignment of 167 km, the road from Bakarpur i.e. from Sonpur to Manikpur, about 38.8 km long, is to be constructed in 2025.

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And NHAI has also issued a tender for its construction. Friends, the time till 2025 has been chosen to build the bridge. When the agency is selected through tender, then the work of building the bridge will be started. It will cost approximately Rs 867.70 crore to build it.

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When this bridge will be built from the capital Patna to Bettiah, then the distance from Patna to Vaishali will reduce to 40 kilometers. What’s more, this distance can be covered in about half an hour. Its construction is going to be done in total four phases.

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