Agra-Aligarh Highwa
Agra-Aligarh Highwa

A good news is coming out regarding the National Highway. Let me tell you that the National Highway Authority has proposed the construction of Agra-Aligarh Highway. Now preparations have been started to convert its four lane highway. Let me tell you that the Central Government is going to construct it under the Bharatmala Project. For this, DPR is also being prepared by the people of NHAI.

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This highway is at a distance of about 45 km from Hathras to Agra and about 30 km from Aligarh. At present there is a two lane road for Agra and Aligarh. And there is a lot of traffic pressure on it. People walking on it often have to face the problem of traffic jam. There was a demand from the people for a long time that it should be made four lane as soon as possible.

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Under the Bharatmala project, a proposal has been taken to construct a new four-lane highway from Agra to Aligarh, the DPR report of which is being prepared. After getting the approval, preparations for land acquisition will be started. This highway will pass through 51 villages.

Names of some villages through which this expressway will pass are given below.

Sandalpur, Nagla Bhikha, Abupur, Singhar, Dedamai, Nahloi, Vidhepur, Jasrana, Ladhauta, Jiroli, Moharia, Nagla Gadhu, Basgoi, Chhauda Gadaua, Hardpur, Garhi Nandram. Hathras tehsil area villages Bichhiya, Mungsa, Tuksan, Nagla Mani, Bisrat, Dhatura Khurd, Nagla Nandram, Kakrawali, Vishundas, Keshargarhi, Magtai, Daulatabad, Ramgarh, Korna Chamrua, Bamnai, Tihaiya, Nagla Karwa, Gadai, Khajuria, Luheta Khurd. And Kalan.

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