The Delhi Metro, a lifeline for the National Capital Region (NCR), is set to undergo a significant expansion, promising enhanced connectivity for the residents of Indirapuram and Vasundhara. This new development is the result of a collaborative effort by the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) and the UP Housing Board. Here’s a detailed look at what this expansion entails and how it will reshape commuting in the region.

Collaborative Funding: The GDA and the UP Housing Board have agreed to join forces in funding the construction of a new metro line between Ghaziabad and Noida. This partnership marks a crucial step in bridging the connectivity gap between these significant areas.

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Revised Financial Plan: In a revised plan, the UP government, via the GDA and Housing Board, has committed to funding 80% of the project’s cost. The central government will contribute the remaining 20%. This decision was cemented in a recent meeting between the two authorities, setting a new precedent in the project’s funding pattern.

Comparison with Earlier Plan: Previously, the financial burden was to be split equally between the UP government and the central government, each bearing 50% and 20% of the costs, respectively. The new funding arrangement indicates a stronger commitment from the state government towards the project.

The expansion is not just about adding new stations but also about enhancing the synergy between the Metro and the Rapid Rail systems. A crucial station in Sahibabad will play a pivotal role in this integration. The Blue Line’s second branch, extending from Dwarka to Vaishali, will link with the Rapid Rail at Anand Vihar in Delhi, further improving the transit network.

Loan and Repayment: The Ghaziabad Development Authority is not new to managing large-scale infrastructure projects. It has nearly repaid a substantial loan of Rs 800 crore taken for the Hindon Elevated Road Project. Building on this financial management experience, the GDA is now poised to secure another loan of Rs 500 crore. This loan will specifically fund the metro extension project, facilitating the much-anticipated Noida to Ghaziabad metro link.

The extension of the Delhi Metro to Indirapuram and Vasundhara is more than just an infrastructure update; it’s a significant leap towards improving the quality of life for residents. It promises to ease traffic congestion, reduce travel time, and offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to road transport. For daily commuters and occasional travelers alike, this expansion means better accessibility, enhanced safety, and a more connected NCR.

Sonu Roy is originally a resident of Samastipur district of Bihar, has been working as a writer in digital journalism for the last 4 years. In his career of 4 years, he has good experience from politics, automobile, motivation, sports to technology field.