In a distressing incident on Thursday at Delhi’s Indralok Metro Station, a woman faced a harrowing ordeal when her saree and jacket became entangled in the doors of a metro train. This unforeseen event led to the train, unaware of her plight, moving forward and dragging her along for several meters.

The victim, caught in this terrifying situation, was rushed to Safdarjung Hospital. There, she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the Neuro Surgery ward. Reports indicate that her condition is extremely critical, highlighting the severity of the injuries sustained during the incident.

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Tragically, the force of being dragged by the moving train resulted in the woman falling onto the tracks. This fall caused serious injuries, adding to the gravity of the already perilous situation.

Preliminary investigations into this incident suggest that a sensor failure in the metro door system was a contributing factor. Due to this malfunction, the door did not reopen even after the woman’s clothing got stuck.

The woman, who was traveling with her son from Nangloi to Mohan Nagar, became an unwitting victim of this technological failure.

This incident raises significant concerns about passenger safety and the reliability of safety mechanisms in public transportation systems. It underscores the need for rigorous maintenance and regular checks of safety features in metro trains to prevent such dangerous occurrences in the future.

The incident at Indralok Metro Station serves as a grim reminder of the potential hazards faced by commuters and the importance of addressing safety lapses in urban transit networks.

Sonu Roy is originally a resident of Samastipur district of Bihar, has been working as a writer in digital journalism for the last 4 years. In his career of 4 years, he has good experience from politics, automobile, motivation, sports to technology field.