Dhankar Scold Derek O Brien: In a recent turn of events, the Indian Parliament witnessed a heated exchange that led to the suspension of TMC MP Derek O’Brien. The incident, marked by heightened emotions and stern actions, unfolded in the Rajya Sabha, drawing significant attention.

Dhankar Scold Derek O Brien
Dhankar Scold Derek O Brien

Sudden Anger from Chairman Dhankhar:

Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar displayed a rare moment of anger during the session. In an unexpected move, he firmly directed Derek O’Brien to leave the House. Dhankhar’s abrupt reaction was a clear indication of the escalating tensions within the parliamentary proceedings.

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Accusation of Privilege Breach:

With visible anger and through hand gestures, Chairman Dhankhar accused Derek O’Brien of breaching parliamentary privilege. His directive for O’Brien to immediately exit the House was a response to what he perceived as a serious violation of parliamentary norms and practices.

Ruckus in Rajya Sabha:

The day’s proceedings in the Rajya Sabha, which started at 11 am, were soon disrupted by opposition members. Several members converged at the well of the House, leading to a chaotic scenario. Chairman Dhankhar made several attempts to restore order and explain the situation.

The Suspension of Derek O’Brien:

The situation escalated when Derek O’Brien stood up, gesturing with his finger. The opposition members were seeking to discuss a security lapse that occurred in the Lok Sabha the previous day. Amid these tumultuous scenes, Derek O’Brien, a member of the Trinamool Congress, was swiftly suspended by the Chairman for the remainder of the session.

Chairman’s Response to Opposition Leader:

The session further intensified when opposition leader Mallikarjun Kharge attempted to interject. Chairman Dhankhar responded firmly, expressing disbelief and disappointment at the conduct of a Member of Parliament, labeling it as ‘shameful’. This statement highlighted the gravity of the situation and the Chairman’s stern stance on maintaining decorum in the House.

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