Maruti Suzuki is gearing up to introduce its dynamic car, the Hustler, to the market, positioned to compete with the Punch. Known for its compelling mileage and luxurious appearance, the Hustler is an example of Maruti Suzuki’s reputation for producing robust cars. The company is venturing into the compact SUV segment with the Hustler, promising to offer a premium look and feel.

The engine of the Maruti Suzuki Hustler is where power meets efficiency. The company has equipped the car with an array of features, making it highly appealing to consumers. It will offer two engine options: the first is a 658cc engine capable of delivering 52ps of power and 51Hp of torque. The second option is a turbocharged engine producing 64PS of power and 63hp of torque. According to reports, the Maruti Suzuki Hustler delivers an impressive mileage of 23 to 32 kmpl in the global market, a claim made by Maruti themselves.

Maruti Suzuki Hustler
Maruti Suzuki Hustler

The Hustler is set to make a splash in the market with features that are highly sought after in global markets. Potential buyers can expect features like a sunroof, digital display, 360-degree camera, rear sensors, power windows, power side mirrors, air conditioning, ABS, smartphone connectivity, digital console, and airbags. Maruti Suzuki aims to challenge the Punch by offering these high-end features at a competitive price.

There is considerable excitement surrounding the launch of the Maruti Suzuki Hustler, with expectations of it being a game-changer in the market and capturing the hearts of consumers upon its arrival. While the price is anticipated to be between 6 to 7 lakhs, the company has yet to release official details regarding the pricing and launch.

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