The long-awaited 380-kilometer expressway connecting Ghaziabad and Kanpur is poised to shift into high gear. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has mandated the expedited submission of a comprehensive Detailed Project Report (DPR), paving the way for financial approvals that will determine the construction costs of this ambitious project.

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Recent discussions have led to a clear directive: the agency responsible for the DPR must deliver a final report within the next three months. This report will subsequently be presented for preliminary approvals. Should these approvals be granted within the stipulated timeline, the three-year goal for the expressway’s completion could very well be met.

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Upon its construction, residents of Western Uttar Pradesh will have an alternative route for their travels to Lucknow and Kanpur, supplementing the existing Yamuna Expressway. Currently, commuters use the Yamuna Expressway to reach Lucknow, but the new expressway will offer an additional route via Kanpur.

Officials at the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) have set a determined goal: following financial approval of the DPR proposal, land acquisition will be completed within a year, and the tendering process for the project will be initiated. This ensures that construction can commence as soon as 90% of the land procurement is finalized.

The deadline for submitting the DPR is set for the end of May. Once submitted, the ministry will grant financial approval covering both land acquisition and construction costs.

The expressway will be a six-lane greenfield corridor starting from Ghaziabad-Hapur, traversing through Bulandshahr, Aligarh, Kasganj, Farrukhabad, Kannauj, Unnao, and culminating at Kanpur. Initially, the expressway will feature four lanes, expandable to six as traffic volume increases. Once operational, it will reduce travel time from Ghaziabad to Kanpur to just about three and a half hours.


The development of the Ghaziabad-Kanpur Expressway is a boon, especially for Ghaziabad’s industrial regions. It will facilitate easier freight movement to Kanpur and ensure direct connectivity, saving both time and money for drivers. Moreover, the establishment of industrial zones along the expressway will generate employment opportunities.

The upcoming Ghaziabad-Kanpur expressway is not just a route connecting two points; it’s a strategic development that promises to bridge industries, enhance connectivity, and fuel the economic engine of the region. With a planned efficient pathway, the expressway is set to redefine the transit landscape between these pivotal Uttar Pradesh cities.

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