Sonam Kapoor Son Vayu: Sonam Kapoor, the dazzling beauty who has reigned supreme as Bollywood’s fashion icon, was recently the center of attraction at the Jio Mami Film Festival in Mumbai. Known for her impeccable sense of style and grace, Sonam’s personal life has always been under the limelight, especially after her union with Anand Ahuja. The couple, who together redefine relationship goals, recently stepped into the role of parents, welcoming their son Vayu into their lives.

Sonam, always active on her social media platforms, often indulges her followers with glimpses of her life. And while she’s been protective about showcasing her son, ensuring his face remains away from the public eye, she recently treated fans to a delightful moment. The actress shared an endearing snapshot of little Vayu, engrossed in reading a book alongside his doting uncle. While the photo doesn’t reveal Vayu’s face, the heartwarming bond between uncle and nephew is evident, melting the hearts of many.

Sonam Kapoor has always managed to captivate her audience, whether it’s with her on-screen performances or her fashion-forward appearances. And while she’s been winning hearts with her unparalleled style, she’s opted to take a step back from the cinematic world following Vayu’s birth, perhaps to cherish and relish every moment of motherhood.

Sonam Kapoor Son Vayu
Sonam Kapoor Son Vayu

In a nutshell, while Sonam continues to be the fashionista and remarkable actress we’ve always admired, her recent posts offer a glimpse into her new role – that of a loving mother, making her admirers fall in love with her all over again.

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