Hailing from Palaka in Kerala, but having spent a significant portion of her life in Mumbai, Karishma Nair’s journey to success has been both inspiring and instructional. Her path to becoming an IAS officer illuminates the value of perseverance and breaking free from societal myths surrounding the UPSC examinations.

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After completing her studies in Forensic Science, Karishma found her calling in the UPSC arena. While many aspirants often require multiple attempts to secure a desirable rank, Karishma’s blend of determination, strategy, and hard work bore fruit in her second attempt, culminating in her coveted IAS badge.

One of the pivotal aspects of Karishma’s journey is her insistence on challenging the prevailing myths associated with UPSC. The competitive nature of the exam has given birth to various misconceptions. A prevalent belief suggests that only individuals hailing from elite backgrounds stand a real chance at success. Similarly, there’s a strong narrative emphasizing the necessity of formal coaching. Karishma, through her own success, has systematically debunked these notions. She asserts, “Honesty and the right strategy are the cornerstones of UPSC success, not one’s background or coaching.”

Navigating through the maze of societal expectations and opinions can be a daunting task for any UPSC aspirant. Karishma advises candidates to cultivate a selective hearing attitude. “Tune out the noise, and stay focused on your goal,” she recommends, emphasizing the value of relentless hard work and self-belief.

A strategic approach towards preparation has always been Karishma’s strength. She champions the idea of breaking down one’s study schedule into manageable chunks. “Divide and conquer,” she says, stressing the importance of categorizing topics and approaching them methodically. This not only ensures comprehensive coverage but also aids in retention and revision.

IAS Karishma Nair
IAS Karishma Nair

In essence, Karishma Nair’s UPSC journey underscores the significance of dispelling myths, strategizing effectively, and most importantly, believing in one’s own capabilities. Her story serves as a beacon of hope and guidance for countless aspirants embarking on their UPSC voyage.

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