Hero Passion Pro is a commuter bike that Hero launched to establish itself in the commuter segment. Hero worked on its mileage and looks, making it a popular choice in the Indian market. Even today, Hero Passion Pro continues to have high demand, prompting the company to launch updates from time to time.

In the Indian market, the price of Hero Passion Pro is around 70,000 rupees. You can also purchase it at a lower price through an EMI plan. However, if you want to get rid of this hassle and buy the bike at a cheaper price, a second-hand option is a good choice. The used bike market is growing rapidly in India, and you can find second-hand bikes at affordable prices. In this article, we will provide you with information on some amazing offers.

For instance, renowned and popular websites like DROOM are offering the 2016 model of Hero Passion Pro for just 35,000 rupees. According to the information provided on the site, the bike is in good condition. Additionally, you can also avail the facility of finance plans, although having a good credit score is necessary.

Similarly, the second option is available on the OLX website, where the price of this bike is mentioned as 40,000 rupees. This 2018 model bike is in showroom-like condition and has been sparingly used.

The third option, Hero Passion Pro is also available on the DROOM website. This 2020 model bike is priced at 50,000 rupees and has minimal usage. You can also get the benefit of finance plans for this bike.

Hero Passion Pro
Hero Passion Pro

When buying a second-hand bike, it is important to keep a few things in mind:
– Never make any kind of payment online or offline before purchasing the bike.
– Check the documents accompanying the bike and ensure they are original. Do not buy the bike if the documents are fake.
– When going to buy the bike, take along someone knowledgeable or a mechanic who can inspect the bike for you and help you get a good deal.

And, purchasing a second-hand bike is not a bad idea. However, it is important to consider certain factors while making this purchase, such as ensuring the authenticity of documents and getting the bike inspected before finalizing the deal.


– Hero launched the Passion Pro to establish itself in the commuter segment and focused on mileage and looks.
– The bike received positive feedback and continues to be in high demand in the Indian market.
– The price of the Hero Passion Pro is around Rs 70,000 and it can also be purchased through an EMI plan.
– Second-hand bikes offer a cheaper alternative, with the used bike market growing rapidly in India.
– Reputed websites like Droom offer 2016 model Hero Passion Pro for as low as Rs 35,000 with good condition and financing options.
– OLX also lists a 2018 model Hero Passion Pro for Rs 40,000 in showroom-like condition.
– Droom website also has a 2020 model Hero Passion Pro priced at Rs 50,000, which is in brand new condition.
– It is not wrong to buy a second-hand bike, but precautions should be taken like not making any payment online or offline before thorough inspection and verification of original documents.
– It is advised to take someone knowledgeable or a mechanic while purchasing a bike to ensure a good deal.

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