NOKIA 105: In an age where smartphones are dominating the tech world, Nokia, the pioneering mobile manufacturer, is taking a different route. The brand has recently announced the release of two new models, the Nokia 105 4G and 110 4G. Although these might sound like high-end smartphones, they are, in fact, revamped feature phones with upgraded capabilities. These models bring a taste of the past with the touch of modern technology.

Power that Lasts: A Robust Battery

Nokia continues to prioritize durability and long-lasting battery life, evident from the 1450 mAh removable battery that comes with both models. Charging is facilitated with a Micro-USB port, which has become the standard for many devices today. With such a substantial battery, users can expect extended call times, longer radio sessions, and a flashlight that will last for hours.

Performance that Stands Out

Both Nokia models are powered by the Unisoc T107 chipset. While it might not compete with the processors found in high-end smartphones, it’s optimized for these feature phones, ensuring smooth functionality. For those familiar with feature phones, it’s not about intensive multitasking but about efficiency and reliability. The Unisoc T107 promises just that.

Compact yet Clear Display

The display size of 1.8 inches (4.57 cm) may seem modest when compared to the massive screens of today’s smartphones, but it’s perfect for the device’s purpose. The 114 PPI TFT display ensures clarity and sharpness in the visuals. Simple games, text messages, and call logs appear crisp, making it easy for users to navigate through the phone’s menu.

Affordability: Nokia 105 4G’s Pricing

With advancements in technology and the increasing demand for smartphones, feature phones often come at a very affordable price. The Nokia 105 4G, which is set to be released in India, is expected to have a price tag of Rs. 2,390. This competitive pricing is bound to make it an attractive option for those looking for basic mobile functionality without the distractions and complexities of a smartphone.


While many are chasing the latest smartphone with countless features, there’s still a significant market segment that prefers the simplicity and reliability of feature phones. Nokia, with the introduction of the 105 4G and 110 4G, proves that there’s room for innovation even within the constraints of a feature phone. With robust batteries, efficient performance, clear displays, and affordability, Nokia’s latest offerings are set to capture the hearts of many, both young and old.

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