Gogoro Electric Scooter: A new electric scooter will soon be entering the Indian electric two-wheeler market on December 12, 2023. Taiwan’s electric two-wheeler manufacturer, Gogoro, is gearing up to launch a new electric scooter in the Indian market, and preparations for its release are already underway.

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This new crossover electric scooter by Gogoro was unveiled in October, and it is expected that deliveries will begin in early 2024. The production of this electric scooter has already commenced at the facility in Maharashtra.

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The scooter is expected to be one of the largest electric scooters in the country and will offer a 1400mm wheelbase, providing a comfortable ride with its 12-inch wheels. Additionally, it will feature a front disc brake of 220mm and a rear disc brake of 180mm, weighing approximately 126 kilograms.

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The Gogoro electric scooter will also offer a split-seat option, allowing the rider to fold the seat and use it as a carrier. The company claims that this electric scooter will be suitable for all types of roads, ensuring a comfortable driving experience.

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After its launch, this electric scooter is expected to compete with other electric scooters in the market. With its impressive features and specifications, it is set to make a significant impact in the Indian electric two-wheeler market.

, Gogoro’s entry into the Indian electric scooter market signifies the growing demand and competition in the electric two-wheeler segment, offering consumers a wider range of options for sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Gogoro Electric Scooter
Gogoro Electric Scooter


– Gogoro, a Taiwanese electric two-wheeler manufacturer, is entering the Indian market with a new electric scooter in December 2023
– The company is preparing to launch the scooter in the Indian market and has already started production in Maharashtra
– The scooter is expected to offer a wheelbase of 1400mm and comfortable 12-inch wheels, with a weight of 126kg
– It will also feature a split seat option and a strong braking system
– After launch, it will be the largest electric scooter in India’s two-wheeler market
– The scooter is expected to offer ease of driving on all types of roads, providing comfort and convenience to the rider

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