Toyota is gearing up to launch its compact SUV in India. The company has reportedly created a trademark name for the Land Hotpot and has also filed for the FJ Land Cruiser name in Japan. The announcement of bringing this mini SUV to India has been made by Toyota. The mini off-roader SUV is based on the Land Cruiser 250 CTZ and will be launched in global markets such as the United States and Japan. These SUVs will be in the off-road segment, competing with the likes of Mahindra Thar and Maruti Suzuki Jimny in India.

Reports suggest that the Land Cruiser Minnie might include options for hybrid and electric powertrains. It is expected to be a production version of the small Cruiser EV concept introduced a few years ago. It might be unveiled next year and will compete directly with Maruti Suzuki Jimny and Mahindra Thar in the Indian market.

The design will resemble that of a compact Cruiser SUV with smooth roof and high pillars. The size of the Minnie will be similar to that of the Cotala cross. It will be built on a body-on-frame chassis and will be longer than the five-door Jimny. The current car’s dimensions of 4,350 mm in length, 1,880 mm in width, and 1880 mm in height may include a tailgate with a spare wheel, along with rounded LED headlamps. Speaking of its concept design, it looks very sleek and may appeal to anyone at first glance.

Internally dubbed as the “Jimny Killer,” it could kick off its global debut at the Tokyo Motor Show next month. Reports about its powertrain lineup vary, with speculations about a 2.0L petrol engine from the Corolla Cross, a 2.5L petrol/hybrid from the RAV4, and even a 2.8L turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine from the Prado and Hilux being predicted. The Japanese manufacturer is also preparing to add its GD series diesel engine with mild-hybrid system to the Fortuner and Hilux, which could be available in the Land Cruiser Minnie in the near future. Additionally, an electric drivetrain could also be introduced for the upcoming LC Mini.

Land Cruiser
Land Cruiser


– Toyota is preparing to launch a mini SUV in India, with a trademark name ‘Land Cruiser’ in Japan.
– The mini off-roader SUV is based on the Land Cruiser 250 CTZ and will be launched in global markets like the US and Japan.
– The SUV will have options for hybrid and electric powertrains and may have a production version based on a previously revealed mini cruiser EV concept.
– The design of the Land Cruiser Minnie will be similar to a compact Cruiser SUV and will have a body-on-frame chassis with a longer wheelbase compared to the Jimny.
– The powertrain options are still uncertain, but reports suggest it may include petrol and hybrid engines, and possibly a mild-hybrid diesel system in the future.
– An electric drivetrain may also be available for the upcoming LC mini, similar to the fourth-generation Tacoma pickup truck.

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