The Honda Livo 2023 has been launched by the Honda Motor Company in the market with a host of impressive features. This has led to an increase in its sales in the market as people are loving the added features. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the Honda Livo 2023.

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The Honda Livo 2023 boasts attractive new graphics, a modern front visor, and impressive taillamps. These features add to the beauty of the bike. The attractive design of the meter displays urban style, while the bold tank design enhances its sporty look. The bike also features a 657 mm high seat and 163 mm wide ground clearance, along with indicators like the service due indicator. The new Livo also includes features such as a silent starter motor, CBS, programmed fuel injection, reduced friction, solenoid valve, and tubeless tires.

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In terms of the engine, the Honda Livo 2023 is equipped with a 109.51 cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. This engine generates a maximum power of 8.67 BHP and a torque of 9.30 NM. It is accompanied by a 4-speed gearbox. Additionally, it comes with an ACG starter motor, as well as a generator in the form of a brushless motor. The bike can provide a mileage of up to 60 kmpl.

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The Honda Livo 2023 is available in two variants – one with drum brakes priced at INR 78,500 and the other with disc brakes priced at INR 82,500. It comes with a 10-year warranty offer, consisting of a 3-year standard warranty and an optional 7-year extended warranty.

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The on-road price of the Honda Livo 2023 ranges from INR 78,500 to 82,500. If one wishes to purchase it through a bank loan, they can obtain a loan of INR 82,772 at an annual interest rate of 9.7% from a bank and will need to make a down payment of INR 9,000. Subsequently, they will be required to pay an EMI of INR 26,59 per month for the next 3 years.

Overall, the Honda Livo 2023 has made an impactful entry into the market with its outstanding features and impressive price range. It is set to be a popular choice for bike enthusiasts.

Honda Livo
Honda Livo


– Honda has launched its new bike, the Honda Livo 2023, which has gained popularity due to its attractive features and design.
– The bike comes with features such as new graphics, modern front visor, and stylish tail lamps.
– It is equipped with a powerful 109.51 cc engine and can deliver a mileage of 60 kmpl.
– The bike also comes with a 10-year warranty and is available in two variants: drum brake and disc brake.
– The ex-showroom price of the bike ranges from Rs. 78,500 to Rs. 82,500, and one can also opt for a bank loan with an annual interest rate of 9.7%.

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