The evolution of technology has brought about significant changes in the automotive industry. Previously, vehicles based on traditional technologies used to dominate the markets. However, with the advent of modern technology, automobile manufacturers have begun producing cars and bikes based on new techniques. Nonetheless, there were some technologies in the past that were actually better than what is available today. In this report, we will discuss one such technology.

Royal Enfield is a popular motorcycle manufacturer, with its cruiser bikes being well-received in the market. The company has recently introduced new bikes based on modern technology and is preparing to launch several more bikes in the near future. What many people may not know is that this same company was the first to introduce a diesel engine bike in the Indian two-wheeler market.

It may be surprising to learn that diesel engine bikes used to operate on the roads. Royal Enfield launched its diesel-powered bike, which became quite popular in a short amount of time due to its exceptional mileage. However, the production of this bike had to be discontinued later on.

During a recent discussion on the social media platform Kora, a user asked why no diesel bikes have been produced until now. Another user by the name of RV Pandit revealed that Royal Enfield had introduced the country’s first diesel bike in the 1980s, called the Royal Enfield Bullet Diesel Taurus. At that time, the bike offered an impressive mileage of approximately 80 to 90 kilometers per liter, similar to the Hero Splendor bike.

Although the details shared by the user cannot be confirmed, it is true that Royal Enfield did indeed launch a diesel bike in India by the name of the Royal Enfield Bullet Diesel Taurus, which offered a range of approximately 85 kilometers per liter of diesel. Despite its success, the bike was eventually discontinued. This interesting piece of history shines a light on the innovative approach that Royal Enfield took by introducing a diesel bike to the Indian market.

Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield


The article discusses the changes in technology in the automotive industry and how companies are now focused on producing vehicles based on modern technology. It highlights Royal Enfield, a popular bike manufacturer, and its introduction of the first diesel engine bike in India named the Bullet Diesel Taurus. The bike was known for its high mileage and gained popularity quickly. However, it was later discontinued. The article also mentions the high mileage offered by the bike and how it was eventually discontinued.

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