In India, a significant portion of the population struggles with poverty and is unable to afford the purchase of bikes or cars. However, there is a golden opportunity for those with low incomes to fulfill their dream of buying a bike without spending a lot of money. Bajaj Platina, a popular model from one of the country’s leading auto companies, is being highly favored by individuals due to its excellent mileage and impressive features.

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For those who may not have the budget for a new variant of Bajaj Platina, there is good news. Second-hand bikes are being offered at remarkably affordable prices, presenting a golden opportunity for those who wish to own a bike. For instance, you can purchase a second-hand Bajaj Platina model for as little as Rs. 14,000, with the model being a 2012 edition. This presents a fantastic opportunity to make the dream of bike ownership a reality. The savings from purchasing a second-hand bike can provide a much-needed financial relief, especially for those who are struggling with a limited budget.

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With prices soaring for new bikes, the availability of second-hand models provides an excellent solution for those who wish to own a bike without breaking the bank. Therefore, it’s essential to explore all available options and make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a bike. The opportunity to buy a second-hand Bajaj Platina at an affordable price is not an offer to be missed, and it can be the start of a brighter future for those in need.

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Bajaj Platina
Bajaj Platina


1. There is a large segment living in poverty in India who cannot afford to buy bikes and cars.
2. Bajaj Platina is a popular choice due to its great mileage and features.
3. The showroom price for Bajaj Platina is around 70000 rupees, but second-hand models can be found for as low as 14000 rupees.
4. Second-hand models of Bajaj Platina can be found on e-commerce websites at a much more affordable price.
5. The article provides insights on how to save money while buying a bike and emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of such opportunities.

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