As we all know, Bajaj has recently launched an electric scooter in the Indian market, the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter, which comes with a hefty price tag. However, the company is all set to launch its new scooter, the Bajaj Blade electric scooter, which is equipped with modern features and is priced affordably for everyone to purchase. Let’s dive into the details of this electric scooter.

Battery Performance

According to media reports, the Bajaj Blade electric scooter is expected to come with a battery pack with a capacity of more than 50.4V/60.4Ah. The company is expected to use a lithium battery, which will be combined with a high-quality electric motor that will generate better torque and power.

Additionally, it is anticipated that the scooter may reach a top speed of approximately 75 kilometers per hour. The scooter can cover a distance of 100 kilometers on a single charge and may have a range of up to 200 kilometers, with the battery being fully chargeable in four to five hours.

Modern Features

The Bajaj Blade electric scooter is designed to offer ample space for a helmet and even a laptop. Furthermore, it will be equipped with front and rear disc brakes for better safety. Additionally, it will include modern features such as mobile connectivity, remote start, and more. The launch date, distribution, and price of the scooter have not been disclosed by the company yet, but it is rumored that the initial price may start at 1.50 lakh rupees and the scooter may be available in various color options with alloy wheels.

Other Features and Launch Date

The company plans to launch the electric scooter in two variants with different price points. Similar to other scooters in the market, this electric scooter will also feature advanced capabilities. The launch of this scooter is expected to take place by 2025.

The Bajaj Blade electric scooter is set to change the dynamics of the electric vehicle market in India with its advanced features and affordable pricing, making it an enticing option for all consumers.

Bajaj Blade Electric Scooter
Bajaj Blade Electric Scooter


– Bajaj has launched a new electric scooter called Bajaj Blade with modern features and an affordable price point.
– The scooter is expected to have a battery capacity of over 50.4 V/60.4 Ah and use high-quality lithium batteries for better torque and power generation, with a top speed of around 75 km/h and a range of approximately 200 km.
– The scooter will also come equipped with front and rear disk brakes, ample storage space for a helmet and a laptop, as well as modern features like mobile connectivity, remote start, etc.
– The company plans to launch the scooter in two variants with different price points and aims to bring it to the electric vehicle market by 2025.

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