Honda has carved a niche in the hearts of everyone with its bike’s mileage of 65kmpl. With a powerful engine and attractive pricing, Honda has launched its amazing bikes, making it a very popular company in India. The 125cc bikes are the highest-selling bikes in the country, and currently, the Honda SP 125 is the highest-selling 125cc bike in the country. Let’s talk about the Honda SP 125.

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The Honda SP 125 boasts a powerful engine. The bike comes with a single-cylinder 123.94cc 4-stroke engine, which provides excellent performance. The company has equipped the bike with a powerful engine, making it stand out among its competitors.

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When it comes to mileage, the Honda SP 125 has taken the lead with its impressive mileage of 65kmpl. With 19 patent applications, the bike is now capable of providing 16% more mileage. The company claims that the bike can deliver an outstanding mileage of 65 kilometers per liter, making it a highly fuel-efficient option for riders.

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As for the pricing, the Honda SP 125 is launched at a price of approximately 90,567 Indian Rupees (ex-showroom). This bike is priced about 1,000 rupees higher than its standard version. The bike will be available for a limited time at all Honda dealerships. It is a great opportunity for anyone looking to purchase this bike.

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And, the Honda SP 125 stands out with its impressive mileage, powerful engine, and attractive pricing. It has solidified its position in the market and continues to attract bike enthusiasts in India.

Honda SP 125
Honda SP 125


  • Honda’s Popular Bike: Honda has captured hearts with its powerful bike, renowned for exceptional mileage.
  • Impressive Engine: The Honda SP 125 features a robust 123.94 cc 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine, known for its strength.
  • Remarkable Mileage: The Honda SP 125 stands out with a mileage of 65 km per liter, making it highly efficient.
  • Price Point: The bike is priced at approximately 90,567 rupees (ex-showroom), slightly more expensive than its standard version. It’s available for a

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