The festival of Diwali may have come and gone, but people are still venturing out of their homes to purchase cars and bikes. One of the leading auto companies in the country, Bajaj, is offering bumper deals on their bikes.

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The Bajaj Platina 125 CCC has been gaining a lot of popularity in the market, capturing the hearts of many. If you have a limited budget, worry not, as we are here to tell you about a golden offer that is winning everyone’s hearts.

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By purchasing a second-hand Platina, you can save a significant amount of money. The bike offers excellent mileage and features, making it a great choice for anyone looking to save some cash. The showroom price for the Bajaj Platina 125 CCC has been set at 65,952 rupees. If you delay your purchase, you may regret it later.

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Worry not if this budget is too much for you, as the bike’s mileage is outstanding, with the engine being powerful as well. Missing out on the purchase offer of the bike would surely be regretful. Therefore, it is advisable to step out immediately and take advantage of the opportunity without any hassle.

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You can bring home the new model of Bajaj Platina at a very low cost, reaping its benefits. The old model of Platina has been listed on OLX, where you can buy it for just 19,000 rupees. However, there is no financing plan available for the purchase of Platina. You will have to pay the full amount, which is no less than a big gift.

The Bajaj Platina 125 CCC is winning the hearts of many, with its budget-friendly and efficient features. It is a great opportunity to buy a bike that offers excellent mileage and features at a low price. Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase the Bajaj Platina and enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

Bajaj Platina 125
Bajaj Platina 125


– Despite Diwali being over, people are still buying cars and bikes and Bajaj is offering bumper offers on their bikes.
– Bajaj Platina 125CC is gaining popularity in the market and is available at a great price for those on a budget.
– The showroom price of Bajaj Platina 125CC is set at Rs 65,952, and its mileage and engine performance are impressive.
– The older model of Platina is available on OLX for just Rs 19,000.
– There are no financing plans available for the purchase, so full payment is required.

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