The Maruti Suzuki Swift is a popular choice in the premium hatchback segment due to its attractive sporty look and premium interior. In addition to its premium features, the car also offers a better engine and more cabin space. The new model of the car is priced between 6 to 8 lakh rupees in the market. However, Cardekho website is offering the older models at a much lower price.

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Cardekho is currently listing the 2013 model of the Maruti Swift with a petrol engine that has been driven up to 50,000 kilometers. The car is listed for sale at 3.95 lakh rupees, and it is also available for purchase with an EMI of 17,153 rupees.

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The website also has the 2013 model available at a price of 3.56 lakh rupees, with a finance plan offering it at an EMI of 15,460 rupees. Another attractive deal is the 2012 model, which has been driven up to 35,533 kilometers and listed for sale at 3.30 lakh rupees with an EMI of 26,737 rupees.

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Furthermore, the 2011 model is listed at 3.10 lakh rupees with maintenance up to 40,741 kilometers. The car has been well taken care of and can be purchased for a reasonable price. These offers present a great opportunity for those looking to buy a Maruti Swift within a budget, and Cardekho is providing various options for potential buyers. With its combination of affordable pricing and good condition, the older models of the Maruti Swift are indeed a tempting choice for car buyers.

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Maruti Suzuki Swift
Maruti Suzuki Swift


– The Maruti Swift is popular in the premium hatchback segment for its attractive and sporty look, as well as its premium interior and better engine and cabin space.
– The 2013 model of the Swift is being sold on Cardekho’s website, with offers ranging from 3.56 lakh to 3.95 lakh rupees, with finance plans also available.
– The 2012 model is also available on the website, with offers starting at 3.30 lakh rupees and an EMI of 26,737 rupees.
– The 2011 model is listed at 3.10 lakh rupees, with 40,741 kilometers driven and well-maintained.

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