The demand for SUVs is on the rise in the Indian vehicle market, with many people preferring them for long drives and better performance. If you are considering purchasing a new SUV in this festive season, but find yourself constrained by a limited budget, then this report is for you. We will be discussing some of the best SUVs available within a budget of 10 lakhs.

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First up on our list is the Tata Punch, which falls into the budget segment for micro SUVs. It boasts an attractive design and comes with a 1199cc engine capable of generating a mileage of 20.09 kilometers per liter. The showroom price for this SUV is set at 6 lakhs.

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Next in line is the Hyundai Exter, another micro SUV option with a 1197cc engine that offers better power and torque. It provides a mileage of 19.4 kilometers per liter and is priced at 6 lakhs in the showroom.

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The Maruti Suzuki Fronx comes in third place on our list, featuring a 1197cc engine and a mileage of 21.79 kilometers per liter. It is available at a showroom price of 7.46 lakhs.

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Finally, the Tata Nexon is another worthy option, equipped with a 1199cc engine and offering a mileage of 17.44 kilometers per liter. This SUV is priced at 8.10 lakhs in the showroom.

These SUVs provide an excellent balance of features, performance, and affordability, making them ideal choices for anyone looking for a budget-friendly SUV option.

Overall, the Indian market offers a wide range of SUVs under 10 lakhs, providing ample choices for those seeking a reliable and capable vehicle within their budget.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx
Maruti Suzuki Fronx


– SUV demand is increasing in the Indian vehicle market due to long drives and better performance.
– List of SUVs under 10 lakh rupees in budget.
– Tata Punch, Hyundai Exter, Maruti Suzuki Fronx, and Tata Nexon are some of the SUVs under 10 lakh.
– Features and showroom prices of each SUV mentioned in the list.

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