Amidst the festive season of Diwali, the markets are bustling with customers looking to make purchases. If you have been contemplating buying a Honda Activa scooter, then now is the time to seize the opportunity. We bring to you an offer that allows you to purchase a Honda Activa at a very affordable price.

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The second-hand model of the Honda Activa scooter is currently being favored by many people, who are availing of this golden opportunity. The features and mileage of the scooter are unparalleled, making it an attractive investment. If you delay your decision to purchase the Honda Activa, you might regret missing out on such an offer.

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In the showrooms, the price of the Honda Activa scooter is determined to be between 70,000 to 75,000 rupees. However, there are also many sellers who are offering second-hand Activa scooters at significantly lower prices. The opportunity to make a purchase at a reduced price is indeed like striking gold.

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The Honda Activa scooter is also listed for sale on OLX at a very low price. You can purchase it for as little as 18,000 rupees. This is an unmissable opportunity that, if not taken advantage of, may lead to regret.

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Taking into account the media reports, has published this article. It’s a chance you wouldn’t want to miss, especially with the solid features and cost-efficient options that this scooter brings to the table. So, do not hesitate and grab the opportunity to own this desirable scooter at an unbeatable price.

Honda Activa
Honda Activa


1. The article discusses the availability of Honda Activa scooters at discounted prices in the market with a high demand from customers during the festive season.
2. It highlights the features of the second-hand models and the range of prices along with insights into mileage and other attractive features.
3. The showroom price of Honda Activa scooters is determined to be between 70,000 to 75,000 rupees.
4. The article also mentions listings on online platforms like OLX where the scooters are available for as low as 18,000 rupees, emphasizing the opportunity for affordable purchases.
5. It warns readers not to miss the opportunity and to verify details before considering buying a second-hand variant.

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