12th Fail and Tejas Box Office Collection Day 7: In the bustling marquee of Bollywood, the release of Kangana Ranaut’s much-awaited film ‘Tejas’ was anticipated to be a cinematic event. Arriving in theaters on the 27th of October, ‘Tejas’ was geared up to take audiences on a soaring journey. However, in a surprising twist of box office fate, the film found itself facing unexpected competition from Vikrant Massey’s ’12th Fail,’ which premiered alongside Kangana’s film.

While ‘Tejas,’ headlined by Bollywoodā€™s fierce talent Kangana Ranaut, aka the Panga Queen, was poised to be a crowd-puller, the film stumbled upon its release, not meeting the lofty expectations set by fans and filmmakers alike. In stark contrast, ’12th Fail’ emerged as a dark horse, showcasing a remarkable box office performance that evidently overshadowed its contemporaneous big-budget counterpart.

A week into their release, both films have journeyed through their first seven days in theaters, a period crucial for setting the tone of their commercial success. As the week concluded, the box office collections for both films came to light, providing a narrative twist of their own.

Sacknilk, a reputed source tracking box office numbers, has shed light on the financial narrative of these films. ‘Tejas,’ despite the star power of Kangana Ranaut, wrapped up its seventh day with a collection of approximately Rs 1.30 crore. This figure brought the film’s total earnings to a modest sum of Rs 13.04 crores.

On the other side, ’12th Fail,’ buoyed perhaps by the allure of a relatable script and Vikrant Massey’s compelling performance, raked in around Rs 42 lakh on its seventh day. This addition has nudged the film’s aggregate collection to an estimated Rs 5.57 crores, an impressive feat for a film of its scale.

The story unfolding at the box office speaks volumes about the unpredictable nature of film receptions. ‘Tejas’ and ’12th Fail’ have charted divergent paths, challenging preconceived notions of success dictated by star power and reminding cinephiles and critics alike that the pulse of the audience is ever-changing.

12th Fail and Tejas Box Office Collection Day 7
12th Fail and Tejas Box Office Collection Day 7

This box office outcome serves as a poignant reminder of cinema’s intrinsic unpredictability. As ‘Tejas’ and ’12th Fail’ continue their cinematic journey, they encapsulate the essence of storytelling and the unscripted drama of box office battles, where sometimes, the expected success narratives are flipped, leading to unexpected but noteworthy cinematic sagas.

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