Adani Power has recently showcased an impressive performance for the quarter spanning July to September 2024. Here’s a detailed look into their financial metrics:

1. Profit After Tax (PAT):

In the third quarter of the fiscal year 2024, the company’s profits soared by a staggering 848%. To put this in perspective, during the same quarter in the previous year, the consolidated profit was INR 696 crores. However, it has now skyrocketed to reach INR 6,594 crores. This significant surge can be attributed to improvements in EBITDA and substantial spikes in revenue.

2. Revenue Growth:

The increase in sales volume has majorly contributed to a surge in the company’s consolidated revenue. Comparing it year-over-year, there’s been a 61% growth in income. In Q2 2023, the revenue was INR 7,044 crores, which has now increased to a commendable INR 12,991 crores in Q2 2024.

3. EBITDA Insights:

The company’s operational profit, or EBITDA, has also experienced a notable growth. In the second quarter of the previous fiscal year, the EBITDA stood at INR 948 crores. Fast forward to Q2 2024, and this figure has risen dramatically to INR 5,170 crores. A combination of factors, including increased sales volume, reduced fuel costs, and higher merchant tariffs, played a pivotal role in this uptrend.

Adani Group
Adani Group

4. EBITDA Margin Improvements:

On an annual basis, there’s been a noteworthy improvement in the company’s EBITDA margin. Last year’s Q2 saw a margin of 13.5%, which has now surged to an impressive 39.8%.

5. Factors Behind The Operating Performance:

One of the key contributors to Adani Power’s enhanced operational performance is its subsidiary in Jharkhand, housing a 1,600 MW Godda Ultra-Supercritical Thermal Power Plant, which commenced operations in the first quarter. Furthermore, higher power offtake in their Mundra, Udupi, Raipur, and Mahan plants in Gujarat has significantly boosted the company’s overall performance.

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