Starlink: As the world progressively shifts towards a more connected future, satellite-based internet has emerged as a potential game-changer. In this race to bridge the digital divide, Elon Musk’s Starlink is setting its sights on India. The venture, if successful, can transform India’s internet landscape.

Starlink and ISRO’s Potential Partnership:

Elon Musk’s ambitious satellite internet project, Starlink, is reportedly considering a collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The objective? To launch satellites within the Indian region to offer high-speed internet services. This synergistic effort between two renowned space entities can boost Starlink’s outreach in India and provide ISRO with cutting-edge satellite technology.

Starlink’s License Application:

Recent reports have indicated that Starlink has made its intentions clear by applying for a license to offer satellite-based broadband services in India. This application is currently under review by the Department of Telecommunications. Approval could mark a significant shift in how rural and remote parts of India access the internet.

Competing with Local Giants:

Starlink’s impending entry is poised to disrupt the Indian broadband market, which has players like OneWeb and Jio Satellite gearing up to offer similar services. Should Starlink’s proposal get the green light, the company will join these entities in expanding the satellite internet ecosystem in the country.

Amazon’s Foray into the Indian Satellite Internet Market:

Interestingly, Starlink isn’t the only global company eyeing India’s vast potential. A recent report from Financial Express highlighted that e-commerce giant Amazon has also submitted an application to the Department of Telecommunications. Their goal? To kickstart their satellite internet operations in India, potentially bringing in competition and ensuring consumers have a plethora of options.


The anticipation surrounding Starlink’s potential entry into India, combined with its probable collaboration with ISRO, signifies a promising future for satellite-based internet in the country. With global giants like Amazon also showing interest, it’s clear that India’s satellite internet arena is set to witness a revolution. As these developments unfold, one can only hope that the primary beneficiary will be the end user, with improved connectivity and access to information.

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