From the district of Mancherial in Telangana, Sirisetti Sankeerth’s journey to the esteemed ranks of the Indian Police Service (IPS) is a testament to resilience and tenacity.

As a young boy, Sankeerth’s academic journey began in his home district, laying a strong foundation for the challenges he would face in the future. Upon completing his school education, he pursued civil engineering from the renowned Osmania University in Hyderabad, showcasing his academic prowess.

Yet, life wasn’t a smooth path for him. There came a challenging phase when Sankeerth, having cleared the written examination for the post of Inspector, faced a stumbling block. He had to complete an 800-meter race within 160 seconds, a task he unfortunately failed. This setback, instead of demoralizing him, fueled his desire to achieve even bigger dreams.

With the spirit of never giving up, Sankeerth started prepping vigorously for one of India’s most challenging examinations: the UPSC Civil Services. Despite the demanding preparation required, he was juggling responsibilities due to his family’s economic conditions. He took up a job as an engineer in the Bhagirathi Yojana, a project aimed at rejuvenation and development.

Working a full-time job while preparing for the UPSC exams is a herculean task, and Sankeerth experienced this firsthand. He faced disappointment and was unable to clear the UPSC exams in his first four attempts. But resilience is the hallmark of true champions, and Sankeerth was no exception.

IPS Sirisetti Sankeerth
IPS Sirisetti Sankeerth

On his fifth attempt, all the years of hard work, sacrifices, and determination bore fruit. Sankeerth secured the 330th rank in the 2019 UPSC examinations, a commendable achievement considering the challenges he faced. Today, after completing his training, he proudly serves in the Telangana cadre, inspiring countless others with his story of perseverance and determination.

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