The Maruti Baleno stands out prominently in India’s premium hatchback segment. When discussing stylish vehicles, Baleno often tops the list, thanks to its sleek, sporty design that catches the eye. The car isn’t just about looks; it boasts a powerful engine coupled with several modern features. Furthermore, the Baleno ensures a spacious cabin and ample boot space while not compromising on performance.

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Speaking of the Sigma variant, it has been introduced in the market at a starting ex-showroom price of 6,61,000 rupees. However, its on-road price is around 7,52,756 rupees. Those who find this beyond their budget can benefit from attractive financing plans available, which we detail below.

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According to online down payment and EMI calculators, for those interested in purchasing the Maruti Baleno’s Sigma variant, banks will offer a loan amount of 6,52,756 rupees at an annual interest rate of 9.8%. This loan, spanning over 5 years or 60 months, will have monthly installments (EMI) of around 13,805 rupees. After securing the loan, a down payment of 1 lakh rupees will be required.

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Maruti Baleno
Maruti Baleno

The Maruti Baleno is a popular offering from the company, housing a robust 1107 cc engine. This engine can deliver a maximum power of 88.50 BHP at 6000 RPM and a peak torque of 113 NM at 4400 RPM. It is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission. As for fuel efficiency, the company claims that it offers a mileage of about 22.35 kilometers per liter.

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