In a world where many yield to setbacks, some individuals exemplify resilience and persistence. Sanjita Mohapatra, hailing from Rourkela, Odisha, is one such trailblazer whose unyielding spirit and determination led her to wear the prestigious IAS badge.

An Odyssey Spanning Six Years:

Sanjita’s journey to become an IAS officer spanned approximately six years. Throughout this period, the flame of hope never dimmed within her. Every setback was met with even stronger resolve.

Academic Brilliance:

Sanjita always displayed a penchant for academics. After completing her Intermediate studies, she pursued engineering. However, even amidst her engineering modules, the call of civil services resonated within her. By the time she was gearing up for graduation, her decision to tackle UPSC was firm.

Initial Hurdles:

As Sanjita embarked on her UPSC preparation, the journey was anything but smooth. Initial attempts were met with disappointment, and after three consecutive unsuccessful tries, she opted to join a corporate job. This decision was both strategic and essential for her morale.

Balancing Job and Dreams:

Even as she acclimated to her new job role, Sanjita’s vision of becoming an IAS officer never blurred. However, her fourth attempt at the exam, despite juggling work and studies, did not yield success. At this crossroads, she made a bold decision: to leave her job and dedicate herself wholly to UPSC preparation.

Unwavering Dedication Post Marriage:

Life events like marriage often become turning points in one’s career journey. But for Sanjita, her marital status didn’t deter her from her goal. With unwavering focus, she continued her preparation, and her efforts bore fruit in her fifth attempt, fulfilling her long-cherished dream of becoming an IAS officer.

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra
IAS Sanjita Mohapatra

Sanjita Mohapatra’s journey is a testament to the idea that success isn’t solely about talent or intelligence; it’s also about persistence, resilience, and the courage to chase one’s dreams, regardless of the odds. Her story serves as an inspiration for countless aspirants, highlighting that with the right mindset and relentless effort, any dream is attainable.

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