Smartphone Discount: The festive season is upon us and what better time to upgrade our gadgets, especially when the market is buzzing with irresistible offers? As Diwali approaches, the anticipation for great discounts on our favorite items is at its peak. But for those eager beavers who don’t want to wait until the festival day, there’s some exciting news.

Early Bird Discounts:

If you’re the kind who likes to get ahead of the shopping frenzy, this is your moment. This year, you won’t have to wait until Diwali to enjoy discounts on premium smartphones. Retailers and e-commerce giants have rolled out significant markdowns to capture the early shoppers.

Samsung Galaxy S23 5G on Amazon:

For the tech aficionados eyeing the latest Samsung release, there’s delightful news. The Samsung Galaxy S23 5G, a pinnacle of modern design and cutting-edge features, is now available at a slashed price.

A Whopping 17% Off:

Yes, you read that right. Amazon is offering a massive 17% discount on the Samsung Galaxy S23 5G. This brings its price tumbling down from the original ₹ 89,999 to an enticing ₹ 74,999. It’s a deal that’s hard to pass up!

HONOR 90 Steals the Spotlight:

While the Samsung deal might sound enticing, let’s not overlook another star of the sale. Amazon hasn’t stopped at Samsung; they’re also offering a huge discount on the HONOR 90, a smartphone revered for its impeccable performance and sleek design.

A Grand 35% Discount on HONOR 90:

The HONOR 90, originally priced at ₹47,999, is now up for grabs at an astonishing 35% off. Post discount, this flagship model can be yours for just ₹30,999. A bargain, considering the powerhouse features it packs!


as Diwali’s festive spirit fills the air, these early discounts promise to add more sparkle to the celebrations. So, why wait for the festival day? Grab your desired premium smartphone now and join the joyous dance of savings!

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