The transportation landscape has observed a significant tilt towards scooters, primarily driven by their impressive mileage and affordability. For those considering purchasing a scooter that offers excellent mileage, there’s no time like the present.

One of the prominent names in the scooter industry, Honda Activa, has captured the hearts of many. Investing in a brand-new Honda Activa could lead to potential savings in the long run. However, if your plans don’t align with purchasing a brand-new model, there’s no need for concern. There are second-hand variants available that can be acquired at a fraction of the original cost, offering an equally golden opportunity. Missing out on such an offer might lead to regret, as chances like these don’t come around often. Moreover, the impressive mileage offered by these scooters is genuinely captivating and enough to win anyone over.

If you’re contemplating purchasing a brand-new Honda Activa directly from the showroom, be prepared to pay the full price. Generally, it can be bought between 75,000 to 80,000 rupees. However, if procuring from a showroom isn’t feasible, don’t fret. There are options to get a second-hand model at a more affordable rate.

The mileage and features of the scooter are exceptional and can charm any prospective buyer. Several websites nationwide are currently winning hearts by offering such lucrative deals. Missing out might lead to disappointment. Hence, it’s crucial to stay informed.

For those looking for a budget-friendly option, the Honda Activa is listed on the Quikr website, where it can be bought for as low as 20,000 rupees. However, note that there might be no financing options available, requiring a one-time payment.



– People are increasingly buying scooters in Delhi because of their good mileage and price.
– Honda Activa scooter is highly popular among people and can be bought at a lower price.
– Second-hand Honda Activa scooters are available at a cheaper price, allowing for savings.
– The mileage and features of the scooter are impressive.
– It is possible to buy a Honda Activa scooter for 75,000 to 80,000 rupees from a showroom.
– Alternatively, second-hand models can be purchased at a lower cost.
– Quickr website offers Honda Activa scooters for as low as 20,000 rupees.
– Financing plans are not available for buying second-hand scooters.
– The article is based on information from various sources.

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