Amidst the vast expanses of Haryana’s Rohtak district, in the town of Meham, a tale of resilience and perseverance emerges. It is the story of Ankita Chaudhary, who, despite grappling with personal tragedy during the rigorous UPSC preparation, emerged victorious, thanks to her indomitable spirit and her father’s unwavering support.

The Early Years

Born into a modest family, Ankita’s father made his living as an accountant in a sugar mill, while her mother dedicated herself to the household. Ankita, a product of the Indus Public School, always displayed an academic inclination. Her quest for knowledge led her to pursue a degree in Chemistry from the prestigious Hindu College of Delhi University.

The UPSC Dream

Even during her undergraduate years, the allure of the Civil Services beckoned Ankita. This dream persisted, and after completing her master’s degree from IIT Delhi, she decided to dive deep into the world of UPSC preparation, making it her singular focus.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Having been academically adept from a young age, Ankita always cherished self-reliance and independence. With confidence, she appeared for the UPSC examination in 2017. However, life had a test of its own in store for her. Not only did she not clear the exam that year, but she also faced an insurmountable loss – the death of her beloved mother. This twin blow could have deterred any young aspirant, but Ankita, devastated but not defeated, chose to march on. Her father, recognizing her potential and the weight of her grief, became her pillar of strength, encouraging her to continue her quest.

Realizing the Dream

With renewed determination and a year’s worth of tireless effort, Ankita took on the UPSC challenge once more in 2018. This time, success was on the horizon. Not only did she clear the exam, but she also secured an impressive 14th rank, realizing her dream of becoming an IAS officer.

IAS Ankita Choudhary
IAS Ankita Choudhary

Serving the Nation

Today, Ankita Chaudhary stands tall as the ADC in Sonipat, serving the nation and its people, a testament to her resilience and determination.