Nestled in the spiritual town of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, lies the story of a woman who chose to rewrite her destiny. Artika Shukla, an IAS officer, is a beacon of inspiration for countless individuals who dare to dream beyond conventional pathways.

Roots of Ambition

Artika was born into a family where dedication to one’s profession was instilled early on. Her father, Dr. Brijesh Shukla, was a committed doctor, while her mother, Leena Shukla, was the backbone of their household. The family values extended beyond the immediate household, as evidenced by her elder brothers, Gaurav and Utkarsh Shukla. Both had cleared the esteemed UPSC exam. Gaurav achieved this feat in 2012, and Utkarsh went on to become an IRTS officer.

Educational Pursuits

Artika’s early education was rooted in the prestigious St. John’s School, Varanasi. Her academic prowess was evident early on, and like many youngsters, she was influenced by her father’s profession. After completing her school education, she embarked on the path to become a doctor and pursued MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi. Further driven by her ambition, Artika enrolled in PGIMR for an MD, drawing her closer to her dream of emulating her father.

A Change of Heart

During her medical journey, she interned at Lok Nayak Hospital. While engrossed in her MD studies, it was her brother’s advice that brought about a pivotal shift in her career trajectory. In 2014, setting aside her medical aspirations, Artika decided to take on the challenge of the UPSC examination. While many sought the guidance of coaching institutions, Artika relied on self-study and invaluable assistance from her accomplished brothers.

IAS Artika Shukla
IAS Artika Shukla

Achieving the Dream

With sheer determination and a year’s worth of intense preparation, 2015 turned out to be a landmark year for Artika. Not only did she clear the UPSC examination in her very first attempt, but she also secured an astonishing fourth rank at the national level.

A Personal Milestone

Beyond her professional accomplishments, 2015 also marked the beginning of another beautiful chapter in her life. During her training at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Artika’s path crossed with Jasmeet Singh Sandhu. Their bond grew stronger over shared experiences and aspirations, culminating in their union in December 2017.