When you think of an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, you envision discipline, command, and prestige. IPS Manoj Sharma of the 2005 Maharashtra cadre exemplifies all of this and more. But his journey to wearing the coveted uniform was anything but straightforward.

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Humble Beginnings in Morena

Born in the town of Morena in undivided Madhya Pradesh, Manoj had an academic history that was rocky at best. Remarkably, he candidly admits that he managed to pass grades 9th, 10th, and 11th by resorting to cheating. When the 12th grade came around, a more stringent exam environment meant he couldn’t cheat, resulting in his failure. This setback led him to envision a modest future, where he’d learn typing post 12th grade and secure a simple job.

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The Pivotal Moment with an SDM

Life took a turn when Manoj, while driving a tempo for sustenance with his brother, encountered a Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). His vehicle had been impounded, and Manoj hoped the SDM could intervene. However, rather than discussing the issue at hand, Manoj found himself enamored by the SDM’s position and influence. That day, a seed was sown – Manoj aspired to become an SDM himself.

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Struggles in Gwalior

Determined to change his fate, Manoj left for Gwalior. Money was scarce, leading him to sleep alongside beggars. Hunger and homelessness became his companions, but destiny took a turn when he secured a position as a librarian cum peon. Yet, the weight of his 12th-grade failure still loomed large, even impacting his personal relationships. Manoj recalls his inability to confess his feelings to a girl due to the insecurity of being labeled a ‘failure’.

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Chasing Dreams in Delhi

Seeking a fresh start, Manoj moved to Delhi. Here, he found work as a dog walker, earning Rs 400 per dog. This humble job, however, supported his studies. As fate would have it, he cleared the preliminary exams in his first try but stumbled during the Mains, primarily due to his limited proficiency in English.

IPS Manoj Sharma
IPS Manoj Sharma

Manoj’s resolve never wavered. With the support of the girl he loved, whom he confided in about his dreams and aspirations, he intensified his preparations. Her faith in him rekindled his spirit, and the two faced the world together.

Triumph Against All Odds

In his fourth attempt, backed by sheer hard work, undying resilience, and unwavering love, Manoj Sharma realized his dream by becoming an IPS officer. His journey stands as a testament that challenges and past failures do not define one’s future. With the right mindset, support, and determination, any dream, no matter how distant, can be achieved.