Jawan Box Office Collection Day: Shahrukh Khan, often referred to as the “King of Bollywood,” recently released his latest blockbuster, ‘Jawaan.’ While it started on a high note, the film witnessed an unexpected dip on its 12th day at the box office. Let’s delve into the specifics.

A High-Octane Start:

From the very first day, ‘Jawaan’ hit the ground running. Fans flocked to the theaters, eager to witness Shahrukh Khan’s magic on the silver screen once again. The film’s opening was more than just impressive; it was akin to a bullet train speeding ahead with no signs of stopping.

Nearing the ₹500 Crore Mark:

The film’s momentum continued as it made its way into the second weekend. Enthusiastic word of mouth and a compelling storyline propelled ‘Jawaan’ even further, with collections pushing it tantalizingly close to the ₹500 crore milestone.

A Surge over the Weekend:

Detailed statistics reveal interesting trends. On the second Saturday, ‘Jawaan’ pulled in a whopping ₹31.8 crore, marking a staggering growth of 66.49%. Following this, the second Sunday saw another jump, albeit smaller, with an increase of 15.88% in its earnings.

The Unexpected Monday Dip:

However, every film has its highs and lows. The latest report from Sacknilk highlights a significant drop on the 12th day of ‘Jawaan’s release. The film managed to gather only ₹14 crore on its second Monday, signaling a potential tapering in its rapid box office ascent.

A Majestic 12-Day Total:

Despite the recent decline, there’s no denying the success of ‘Jawaan.’ In a span of just 12 days, the film has amassed an incredible total of ₹491.63 crore, placing it amongst the elite list of Bollywood’s highest earners.


To sum it up, while ‘Jawaan’ has witnessed an unforeseen dip on its 12th day, its overall performance is nothing short of spectacular. It’ll be interesting to see how the film fares in the coming days and whether it can regain its momentum to cross that coveted ₹500 crore mark.

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