Maruti EECO
Maruti EECO

Maruti, the brand synonymous with affordability and reliability in India, is gearing up to introduce a refreshed version of one of its most versatile offerings, the EECO. The new Maruti EECO promises style, affordability, and better mileage.

1. Pricing Dynamics Maruti EECO:

For the EECO enthusiast, the base model is priced at a modest Rs. 5.27 Lakh. If you’re eyeing the top-of-the-line version, it’s available at Rs. 6.53 Lakh (Avg. ex-showroom). The EECO’s value is evident across its 4 variants:

2. Key Specifications of Maruti EECO:

The EECO is more than just looks. Under the hood, it boasts:

Maruti EECO, a versatile offering, boasts an engine capacity of 1197 cc that produces a power range of 70.67 to 79.65 BHP. Paired with a manual transmission, it ensures a smooth driving experience. One of its standout features is its impressive mileage of 19.71 kmpl, making it an economical choice for many. Combining these specifications with its budget-friendly pricing, the EECO remains a sought-after vehicle in its segment.

3. Design and Interiors:

The new EECO MPV is set to undergo substantial design evolution. Built on an entirely new platform, it promises a revamped interior. Space is a key selling point with the new EECO, offering more room than its predecessor.

4. Variants and Their Pricing:

  • Eeco 5 STR STD: Rs. 5.27 Lakh
  • Eeco 7 STR STD: Rs. 5.56 Lakh
  • Eeco 5 STR AC: Rs. 5.63 Lakh
  • Eeco 5 STR AC CNG: Rs. 6.53 Lakh

5. Cons to Consider:

  • Basic Feel: The quality might not meet everyone’s expectations, and it misses out on some modern features.
  • Road Dynamics: Its tall body structure and firm damping can be challenging, especially when loaded.
  • Utilitarian Image: Its popularity among taxi services might deter individual buyers seeking exclusivity.

6. What Makes it Stand Out?

  • Space: Whether you’re transporting people or cargo, space will never be an issue.
  • Value-for-money: Especially for commercial purposes, EECO stands out.
  • Powertrain Options: The efficient petrol and CNG variants are a boon for fuel economy.

7. Pricing Speculation:

With all the enhancements, the new Maruti EECO MPV might command a higher price tag than its predecessor. The current premium model is priced at Rs 4.63 lakh (ex-showroom), but with the updates, this could see a rise.

Maruti EECO
Maruti EECO

In summary, the Maruti EECO’s new version promises to bring together style, space, and efficiency under a competitive price bracket. While it might have its cons, for many, the pros will outweigh the negatives, especially when considering its utility and affordability.

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