The simple yet delightful dishes of idli and dosa have transformed countless mornings, but for PC Mustafa, they changed his entire life trajectory.

A Modest Start

Idli and dosa might be staple breakfasts in many Indian homes, but for PC Mustafa, these dishes were a ticket out of poverty. Mustafa’s father eked out a living as a coolie, a stark representation of their tough economic circumstances.

Introducing ID Fresh

Today, the name ‘ID Fresh’ resonates with millions as a trusted brand for ready-to-eat foods. Founded by the visionary PC Mustafa, the brand has become synonymous with convenience and quality.

A Childhood Marked by Struggles

Mustafa’s roots trace back to Chennalode, a remote village in Wayanad. Born into poverty, the challenges of life stared him down from the moment he entered the world.

Juggling Studies and Work

Education was a luxury, but hunger was a daily reality. After school hours, young Mustafa would join his father, assisting him in his laborious work. Though no parent wishes their child to forego education for labor, survival took precedence for the Mustafa family.

The Search for More

Mustafa was not one to be complacent. His dreams extended beyond the boundaries of his village. Trying his luck, he ventured into various sectors, seeking suitable employment. However, after a series of endeavors, he returned to India in 2003, carrying with him a wealth of experiences and a renewed vision.

The Birth of a Vision

Fresh off the plane and filled with entrepreneurial spirit, Mustafa mulled over starting a venture. This contemplation culminated in the establishment of ID Fresh in 2005, initiated with a humble capital of Rs 25,000.

A Formal Foray in 2010

Although Mustafa’s brainchild came into existence in 2005, it was officially launched in 2010. The company’s primary offering? The perfect blend for whipping up delectable idlis and dosas. As he embarked on this journey, Mustafa had the unwavering support of his cousins, who believed in his vision.

Astounding Growth

The initial days of ID Fresh saw the sale of a mere 100 packets daily. Fast forward to the present, and the company dispatches a staggering 50,000 packets every day. Beyond the commercial success, Mustafa’s venture has also played a pivotal role in the community, providing employment to 650 individuals.

PC Mustafa
PC Mustafa

PC Mustafa’s tale is not just about building a Rs 100 crore empire but is a testament to the fact that with grit, perseverance, and a touch of innovation, one can indeed turn dreams into reality.