Some stories shake you to your core, making you believe that determination, persistence, and sheer will can indeed make the impossible, possible. Rajendra Bharud’s journey from a tiny hut to the esteemed position of a Collector exemplifies such an extraordinary tale.

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Humble Beginnings

Before Rajendra came into the world, tragedy struck; his father passed away, leaving behind a widow with a child yet to be born. Due to the severe poverty they lived in, no photographs commemorated his father’s memory. To make ends meet, his mother resorted to selling country liquor. When hunger would make baby Rajendra wail, his grandmother, lacking better options, would hush him with a spoon or two of wine.

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Childhood Hustle

Those who frequented their humble abode for alcohol often paid young Rajendra to fetch them snacks. With the little money he earned, he bought textbooks. Despite the grim circumstances, he found solace in education, nurturing a dream that would eventually lead him to become a collector.

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Challenging Times

Rajendra recalls the harrowing times when, as a child, he was given liquor instead of milk. The poverty was so deep-rooted that when ailments like colds or coughs struck, alcohol, not medicine, was used as a remedy. These instances, though painful, never deterred his spirit.

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Academic Excellence

His resilience bore fruit when he secured a commendable 95% in his 10th grade and 90% in his 12th. His academic prowess led him to Seth GS Medical College, Mumbai, after clearing the medical entrance examination.

Driven by Determination

As he delved deeper into his studies, a poignant memory from his past fueled his ambition. A patron once told his mother that Rajendra was destined to sell liquor like her. To this, his defiant mother responded that she envisioned him as a doctor or a collector. With her words as his guiding light, Rajendra set his sights on the civil services.

The Pinnacle of Success

Rajendra’s hard work and determination culminated when he cleared the UPSC exam to become a Collector. As villagers, officers, and dignitaries flocked to congratulate him, his mother, overwhelmed with emotion, couldn’t contain her tears of joy. To everyone, she proudly declared that her son had achieved the title of Collector.

Rajendra Bharud
Rajendra Bharud

Rajendra Bharud’s story stands as an inspiring testament to the power of determination and the belief that no matter where you start, with hard work and persistence, you can reach the stars.