Across the vast terrains of India, countless stories of resilience, determination, and triumph emerge, reflecting the indomitable spirit of its people. Punita Kumari’s journey, from a laborer’s daughter in Bihar’s Supaul district to an esteemed Assistant Tax Commissioner, embodies this spirit and serves as a beacon of hope for many.

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Humble Beginnings in Supaul:

Growing up in Supaul, Bihar, Punita’s life was far from easy. Her father, a laborer, struggled daily to provide for his family, especially with the burden of raising six daughters. With his modest earnings, he barely managed to keep the household running, ensuring his children had the basic necessities.

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A Budding Academic Star:

Amidst the financial constraints, Punita’s academic brilliance shone through. She secured admission in the prestigious Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV). But life had different plans. Just as she was embracing her dreams and aspirations, they were abruptly halted by an early marriage right after completing her 12th grade from JNV.

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Stepping into Adulthood:

The title ‘asfar’ is not just a designation; it epitomizes resilience. Despite being married off at a tender age, Punita never let go of her dreams. For 21 years, she held onto her aspirations, even amidst the adversities of marriage and motherhood.

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Trials and Tribulations:

As if an early marriage wasn’t challenging enough, Punita’s life took another difficult turn when her husband lost his job. With the added responsibilities of being a mother to two children, the situation seemed bleak. But fate had a silver lining; her husband found employment again in 2004, offering a glimmer of hope.

Education and Elevation:

Not one to be deterred by circumstances, Punita embarked on her academic journey once more. Thirteen years into her marriage, in 2007, she pursued graduation. Her relentless efforts culminated in 2018 when she cracked the BPSC (Bihar Public Service Commission) exam. Punita’s grit and determination bore fruit, and she was appointed the Assistant Tax Commissioner in Bihar.

Punita Kumari
Punita Kumari

Punita Kumari’s story is not just an individual success; it’s an embodiment of the dreams of countless women who face societal constraints yet persevere. Her journey, from the bylanes of Supaul to the corridors of power, serves as an inspiring testament to the power of determination, hope, and resilience.