In the intensely competitive SUV segment, where contenders like the Seltos and Creta have long been dominant, Maruti’s Grand Vitara emerges as a formidable opponent, challenging the status quo. This Maruti marvel doesn’t just captivate with its striking design, but also backs its allure with outstanding features and an enviable fuel efficiency.

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High Demand Yet Pending Deliveries

The Grand Vitara’s popularity can be gauged by its soaring demand. Nearly 27,000 units await delivery, revealing the vehicle’s overwhelming market reception. Additionally, the strong-hybrid variants now come with an essential pedestrian alert system, reinforcing Maruti’s commitment to safety.

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Model Variants and Pricing

  • Grand Vitara Sigma: Rs.10.70 Lakh
  • Grand Vitara Delta: Rs.12.10 Lakh
  • Grand Vitara Delta CNG: Rs.13.05 Lakh
  • Grand Vitara Delta AT: Rs.13.60 Lakh
  • Grand Vitara Zeta: Rs.13.91 Lakh

Grand Vitara: A Double-Edged Sword

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Like every vehicle, the Grand Vitara has its highs and lows:

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  • Engine Limitations: Diesel engine enthusiasts might be disappointed with its absence.
  • Features Gap: Many sought-after premium features are exclusive to the Strong Hybrid variant.


  • Distinctive Stance: The SUV boasts an upright stance, lending it a robust appeal.
  • Stunning Design Details: Its LED lighting adds a touch of modernity and premiumness.
  • Fuel Efficiency: The Strong Hybrid variant impressively claims a fuel efficiency of 27.97kmpl.

A Closer Look at Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara

At first glance, the Grand Vitara promises to be the quintessential family car – spacious, comfortable, and efficient. But does it truly cater to the diverse needs of each family member? A deeper dive reveals its capabilities and minor shortcomings. However, given its competitive pricing and robust features, it surely offers a compelling package that might make potential SUV buyers rethink their choices.

while the Seltos and Creta have held their ground impressively in the past, Maruti’s Grand Vitara is a testament to the automaker’s ability to innovate and challenge established norms. With its optimal blend of features and mileage, it’s poised to redefine benchmarks in the SUV segment.

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