Apache RTR 310
Apache RTR 310

The Indian motorcycle landscape has evolved considerably, with new entrants and upgraded models vying for the attention of bike enthusiasts. Spearheading this transformation is TVS Motor, an Indian two-wheeler company that has carved its niche with the Apache series. The recent launch of the TVS Apache RTR 310 only intensifies the competition, especially against the likes of the KTM 390.

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A Glimpse of TVS Apache RTR 310

TVS Motor has recently launched the Apache RTR 310, pricing it competitively at Rs. 2,42,990. Aiming at bike aficionados who desire a blend of performance, design, and efficiency, this model stands out in its segment.

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Apache RTR 310 Specifications:

The TVS Apache RTR 310 boasts a powerful and refined engine, with a displacement of 312.12 cc. This single-cylinder, 4-stroke motor is enhanced by a liquid cooling system and spark ignition, ensuring optimal performance under various conditions. Delivering a robust 35.6 PS at 9700 rpm and a peak torque of 28.7 Nm at 6650 rpm, this machine promises both speed and agility. For safety, it features disc brakes on both the front and rear. Furthermore, its 11-liter fuel capacity ensures longer rides without frequent refueling stops. Crafted meticulously, the RTR 310 is TVS Motor’s testament to engineering excellence.

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Diverse Variants to Choose From

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For potential buyers, TVS offers a choice among three distinct variants:

  1. TVS Apache RTR 310 Arsenal Black
  2. TVS Apache RTR 310 Arsenal Black Without Quickshifter
  3. TVS Apache RTR 310 Fury Yellow

This assortment ensures that bikers can select a model that best aligns with their preferences, from aesthetics to functionality.

The Two Sides of Apache RTR 310

Every bike has its set of pros and cons, and the Apache RTR 310 is no exception:

What We Don’t Like:

  • Engine Vibrations: Noticeable vibrations post the 4000rpm mark.
  • Performance at High Speeds: The motor seems a tad stressed at 100kmph in the 6th gear, slightly diminishing its cruising capability.
  • Plastic Panels: Numerous interlocking plastic panels might become a source of vibrations as the bike ages.

What We Love:

  • Stunning Design: The head-turning, muscular design ensures you make an impression on the road.
  • Agile Handling: Its nimble handling makes weaving through traffic a breeze.
  • Power Delivery: Quick power surge in urban settings offers a thrilling riding experience.
Apache RTR 310
Apache RTR 310

Price and EMI Details

For those considering an investment, the Apache RTR 310 is priced at Rs. 2.60 Lakh. Additionally, the EMI starts from Rs. 7,520, ensuring it’s within reach for many motorcycle enthusiasts.

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