KBC 15: “Kaun Banega Crorepati,” often abbreviated as KBC, is more than just a game show for many. It’s a test of knowledge, wit, and the ability to stay calm under intense pressure. Season 15 of this iconic show has been no different, drawing millions to their screens, rooting for contestants to take home the coveted prize.

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Season’s First Crorepati Emerges:

Season 15 of KBC has already witnessed the rise of its first crorepati, setting the stage for heightened anticipation and excitement. Viewers are constantly on the lookout for the next individual who will outsmart the challenging questions to clinch the title.

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Shubham Gangrade’s Almost-Crorepati Journey:

The journey of knowledge is filled with moments of triumph and heartbreak. Shubham Gangrade’s experience on KBC 15 was a roller-coaster of emotions. While he dazzled the audience with his knowledge, he narrowly missed out on becoming the season’s second crorepati.

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The High-Stakes Question:

As the game progressed, Shubham found himself on the threshold of winning the staggering sum of Rs 1 crore. However, the critical question posed by the iconic host, Amitabh Bachchan (often referred to as Big B), proved to be his stumbling block. The tension was palpable as Shubham grappled with the options, ultimately failing to select the correct answer.

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KBC 15
KBC 15

The 1 Crore Question That Stumped Shubham: For the curious minds, here’s the question that halted Shubham’s crorepati journey: “On 6 August 1945, after whom was the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima named?”

1. A legendary weapon 2. A film character 3. Pilot’s mother 4. The place where it was made

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