Salaar Advance Booking: The cinematic universe has a way of unfolding surprising narratives, not just on-screen but off-screen too. Tollywood sensation Prabhas is a prime example, making waves with his upcoming film, ‘Salaar’. The actor, renowned for his roles in epic films like ‘Baahubali’, is now challenging existing benchmarks in the industry and gaining even more popularity, arguably even surpassing Bollywood’s King Khan.

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Prabhas’s New Venture:

The heartthrob of Indian cinema, Prabhas, is back in the limelight, and the reason is none other than his upcoming film ‘Salaar’. With every passing day, the excitement and anticipation amongst the fans and film aficionados are mounting.

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Buzz Around ‘Salaar’:

The industry is abuzz with the latest news concerning ‘Salaar’. Gossip mills are running overtime, with fans and followers eagerly consuming every piece of information related to the film.

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Release Delay Announcement:

To the dismay of many, the film’s makers recently took to social media to announce a delay in the movie’s release. Citing “unforeseen circumstances”, they conveyed their regret to Prabhas’s legion of fans who were eagerly awaiting ‘Salaar’s premiere.

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Eclipsing ‘Jawaan’ in Bookings:

Interestingly, even with the postponement, ‘Salaar’ seems to be setting records. The movie has already surpassed ‘Jawaan’, directed by the talented Atlee Kumar, in terms of end-to-end bookings, highlighting the immense popularity and trust fans place in Prabhas’s films.

The Big Deal with ‘Jawaan’:

To provide some perspective, ‘Jawaan’s OTT rights were procured by Netflix for an astounding sum of Rs 250 crore, reflecting its significant standing in the cinematic community.

Why ‘Salaar’ Stands Tall:


Yet, ‘Salaar’ has managed to upstage even these significant numbers. The film has reportedly raked in a staggering Rs 350 crore through the sale of its satellite and digital rights alone, showcasing the unmatched enthusiasm and market trust in the movie and its leading man, Prabhas.

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