In the bustling streets of urban India and the scenic byways of the countryside, a new entrant is making waves – the Honda CD 110 Dream Deluxe. Sporting a price tag of ₹73,400, this bike promises an unbeatable combination of functionality and value for money.

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1. Stylish and Efficient:

The Honda CD 110 Dream, available in a single variant and an array of four colours, sets itself apart with its striking graphics. Though its price begins at Rs. 86,862 in India, the Deluxe model flaunts a more intricate design, highlighting its visual appeal.

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2. Unbeatable Specifications: A closer look at the specs reveals:

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  • Engine Capacity: 109.51 cc
  • Mileage: A commendable 61 kmpl
  • Transmission: 4-speed manual
  • Kerb Weight: A manageable 112 kg Further sweetening the deal, the CD 110 Dream offers a standard three-year warranty. For those wanting added peace of mind, an additional three-year extension can be opted for.

3. Scope for Improvement:

Every coin has two sides, and the CD 110 Dream is no exception. Some users have noted that certain parts seem to be of a cheaper quality. Additionally, it lacks some of the modern features found in bikes of a similar price range.

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4. What Stands Out: Despite these cons, the CD 110 Dream has its own set of compelling virtues:

  • A smooth 110cc engine ensuring a hassle-free ride
  • Noteworthy fuel efficiency
  • A lockable utility box – a feature that many riders would appreciate

5. Feature Spotlight:

Diving deeper into the bike’s attributes:

  • Displacement: 109.51 cc
  • Max Power: 8.67 bhp @ 7500 rpm
  • Max Torque: 9.30 Nm @ 5500 rpm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 9.1 litres
  • Seat Height: A comfortable 790 mm

6. Honda’s Value Proposition:

The CD 110 Dream might not be the most feature-rich bike in Honda’s lineup, but it serves a specific purpose. It is designed as Honda’s entry-level mass-market offering, emphasizing a dependable 110cc engine. The result? Reliable performance and enviable fuel efficiency, even if it means cutting corners in other areas.

Honda CD110 Dream Deluxe launched at ₹73400 in 2023
CD 110 Dream Deluxe

7. Answering Your Queries – Honda CD 110 Dream FAQs:

  • Q: What is the on-road price of Honda CD 110 Dream in 2023?
    • A: In Samastipur, the 2023 on-road price of the Honda CD 110 Dream is Rs. 86,862, inclusive of the ex-showroom price, RTO, and insurance charges.
  • Q: How efficient is the Honda CD 110 Dream?
    • A: Users report an average mileage of 61 kmpl.
  • Q: What’s the lowdown on Honda CD 110 Dream’s specs?
    • A: The CD 110 Dream is a commuter-centric bike weighing 112 kg, equipped with a 109.51 cc BS6 Phase 2 engine, and boasts a fuel capacity of 9.1 litres.

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