Salman-Shah Rukh Kissa: It’s a question that has been on everyone’s lips for years: When will Bollywood superstar Salman Khan finally tie the knot? The enigma surrounding his bachelor status has intrigued not only his vast legion of fans but also his colleagues in the film industry. Yet, an unexpected revelation by fellow superstar Shahrukh Khan on national television has left many astonished.

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The Eternal Question of Salman’s Wedding:

Every time a new picture or video of Salman surfaces, fans can’t help but wonder if the actor has any marriage plans in the offing. They have waited patiently, sometimes with baited breath, for any hints or signs that might give away the answer to this longstanding question.

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A Memorable Episode of ‘Dus Ka Dum’:

The setting for this significant revelation was none other than Salman Khan’s popular TV show, ‘Dus Ka Dum’. The episode was bound to be memorable since it featured Shahrukh Khan and the ever-talented actress Rani Mukherjee. The trio, known for their camaraderie, ensured that the episode was filled with fun, frolic, and some unexpected disclosures.

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Rani Mukherjee’s Candid Question:

During the episode, Rani Mukherjee, known for her candidness, took the opportunity to pop the question everyone had on their minds. “When are you getting married, Salman?” she inquired with genuine curiosity. Salman, caught off-guard, blushed and appeared a tad shy, leaving the viewers eager for an answer.

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Shahrukh Khan’s Startling Insight:

Before Salman could offer a response, Shahrukh decided to chime in. With his characteristic wit and charm, he remarked, “Rani, do you know why Salman is not getting married? It’s because his behavior is not the best.” The studio was abuzz with surprise and anticipation for what was to come next.

A Lighthearted Jab at Salman’s On-Screen Persona:

Expanding on his earlier comment, Shahrukh jestingly said, “Salman doesn’t know how to talk to girls properly. Have you noticed how in films, he always seems to be rude to the female characters?” While said in jest, it did reflect Salman’s larger-than-life on-screen persona.

Salman-Shah Rukh
Salman-Shah Rukh

While these comments were made in good humor and reflected the banter and affection between the two superstars, they did provide a brief and entertaining insight into the mystery surrounding Salman Khan’s marital status.

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