Success Story: The heartlands of Uttar Pradesh are known for their sprawling farmlands, rustic charm, and tales of perseverance. Among these tales is the remarkable story of Jhanvi Verma, a farmer’s daughter from Sultanpur, who not only became a judge but also inspired her family to climb the ladder of success.

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An Outstanding Achievement:

The year 2022 marked a significant milestone for the Verma family. The results of the Uttar Pradesh Judicial Service Civil Judge Examination were announced, and amidst the names of the successful candidates stood out Jhanvi Verma. Claiming the fifth position in this prestigious exam conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, Jhanvi became a beacon of hope for many.

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Roots of Hard Work:

Jhanvi’s story is deeply interwoven with her family’s agricultural background. Her father, Jagdish Verma, tills the soil, embracing farming as both a profession and passion. However, this didn’t deter Jhanvi from pursuing her dreams. Before her recent accomplishment, she was selected for the post of Assistant Prosecution Officer, where she secured the sixth position.

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Foundations in Sultanpur:

The quaint town of Ramganj in Sultanpur is where Jhanvi’s story began. She embarked on her educational journey from Yogiveer, Maharishi Vidya Mandir – one of the prominent schools in the district. It was here that the seeds of her ambitions were sown.

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Continued Legal Pursuits:

Jhanvi’s thirst for knowledge and her passion for the field of law did not stop with her early successes. In 2020, her dedication led her to score commendably in the LLB entrance exam, granting her admission to a renowned college. As of now, she continues her academic journey, pursuing LLB.

A Family of Achievers:

Jhanvi’s dedication to her dreams reflects a familial trait. Her elder brother, Alok, is a testament to this. He currently holds a respectable position as the Block Development Officer in the Fatehpur Block of Barabanki, an accomplishment earned through sheer hard work and determination.

Jhanvi Verma
Jhanvi Verma

The Pillar of Support:

Behind Jhanvi and Alok’s achievements stands their father, Jagdish Verma. While he engages in farming, he has been the backbone of his children’s dreams, providing them with the necessary support and encouragement.