The two-wheeler arena is witnessing the dawn of a new contender that threatens to overshadow the existing dominion of Yamaha R15. Enter Hero Karizma XMR, a motorcycle boasting a lethal combination of aesthetics and power.

Unveiling the Hero Karizma XMR

The Karizma XMR 210 is the newest star from the Hero Motocorp’s stable. Priced competitively at Rs. 1.73 lakh, it features:

  • A fuel tank with a capacity of 11 litres.
  • Seat height of 810 mm.
  • A robust max power of 25.15 bhp.

Design and Mechanism

Hero has made no compromises in ensuring the Karizma XMR is a head-turner. The clip-on handles and split-seat setup bestow it with an alluring appearance that’s hard to resist. Mechanically, it impresses with:

  • Engine Capacity of 210 cc.
  • 6 Speed Manual Transmission.
  • A kerb weight of 163.5 kg.

Engine Specifics

At the heart of the Karizma XMR is a powerful 210 cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-valve engine. Additionally, it’s enhanced with:

  • Slipper assist clutch.
  • A kerb weight of 163.5 kg.
  • Seat height of 810 mm.

User Testimonials

Ayush Srivastava shares, “The Karizma XMR is one of my favourite bikes. Its sporty look coupled with the comfort it offers makes it stand out. It’s a game-changer for the new generation.”

Bad notes, “The riding experience is unparalleled. From purchasing to maintenance, everything about the Karizma XMR is commendable. Its devilish looks and high performance make it the best.”

Omar Ali Syed chimes in, “Hero Karizma 210’s arresting appearance is captivating. Its debut in the Indian market has been impressive. I’m confident it’s going to clinch the title of the best bike in 2023, given its specifications and power.”

Hero Karizma XMR FAQs

  • Q: What is the on-road price of Hero Karizma XMR in 2023? A: In Samastipur, the on-road price for the 2023 Hero Karizma XMR is Rs. 2,01,487. This amount encapsulates the ex-showroom price, RTO, and insurance charges.
  • Q: What are the available colours for Hero Karizma XMR? A: You can avail the Hero Karizma XMR in three stunning colours: Iconic Yellow, Turbo Red, and Matte Phantom Black.
  • Q: What are the salient specifications of Hero Karizma XMR? A: The Hero Karizma XMR is a semi-faired bike, weighing 163.5 kg. It is powered by a 210 cc BS6 Phase 2 engine and can hold up to 11 litres of fuel.
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Hero Karizma XMR

Hero Karizma XMR Features:

  1. Pricing and Basics:
    • Introductory price: Rs. 1.73 lakh.
    • Fuel tank capacity: 11 litres.
    • Seat height: 810 mm.
    • Max power: 25.15 bhp.
  2. Design Elements:
    • Clip-on handlebars.
    • Split-seat setup.
  3. Mechanical and Technical Details:
    • Engine capacity: 210 cc.
    • Transmission: 6-speed manual.
    • Kerb weight: 163.5 kg.
  4. Engine Specifics:
    • Liquid-cooled DOHC 4-valve engine.
    • Equipped with slipper assist clutch.
  5. User Reviews:
    • Ayush Srivastava: Sporty look and comfortable feel.
    • Bad: Excellent riding experience, low maintenance.
    • Omar Ali Syed: Great looks and power, potential best bike of 2023.
  6. FAQs:
    • On-road price in 2023 in Samastipur: Rs. 2,01,487.
    • Available colours: Iconic Yellow, Turbo Red, and Matte Phantom Black.
    • Key specification: Semi-faired bike, 163.5 kg weight, 210 cc BS6 Phase 2 engine, fuel capacity of 11 litres.

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