In the realm of automobiles, the buzz surrounding Hyundai’s latest Micro SUV has reached a fever pitch. Showrooms are witnessing an overwhelming surge of interest, with crowds flocking in unprecedented numbers. Let’s dive into what’s making this Hyundai Micro SUV a sensation.

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1. Game Show Triumph with a Hyundai Exter:

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  • One of the most intriguing tales linked to this Micro SUV is the recent victory of a KBC 2023 contestant. In a thrilling turn of events, the contestant walked away with a grand prize of Rs 1 crore, which included a brand-new Hyundai Exter. The Exter, priced between Rs 6 lakh to Rs 10.10 lakh, adds an extra layer of excitement to this success story.

2. Versatile Variants:

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  • Hyundai offers a diverse range of six broad variants for the Micro SUV: EX, S, SX, SX (O), and SX (O) Connect. The mid-spec S and SX trims are particularly noteworthy for their versatile features, catering to a wide spectrum of customer preferences.

3. Aspects to Consider:

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  • Polarizing Looks: The Micro SUV’s exterior design has divided opinions, with some finding it striking and others somewhat unconventional.
  • Drive Dynamics: While it excels in several aspects, the driving experience could benefit from more excitement and the inclusion of a turbo-petrol engine option.
  • Safety Rating: The vehicle’s safety rating remains a critical aspect yet to be revealed.

4. Highlights to Embrace:

  • SUV-like Aesthetics: The Micro SUV boasts rugged looks, resembling its larger SUV counterparts.
  • Driving Confidence: With high seating and tall windows, drivers enjoy a sense of confidence on the road.
  • Impressive Features: The vehicle’s feature list is nothing short of impressive, with unique offerings such as a dashcam and a sunroof.

5. Technical Specifications:

  • ARAI Mileage: 19.2 kmpl, making it fuel-efficient for its class.
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Engine Displacement: 1197 cc, with a 4-cylinder configuration.
  • Power: 81.80 bhp at 6000 rpm
  • Torque: 113.8 Nm at 4000 rpm
  • Seating Capacity: Comfortably seats 5 passengers.
  • Transmission Type: Automatic
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: A generous 37.0 liters, ideal for extended journeys.
Hyundai EXTER

The Hyundai Micro SUV’s soaring demand and popularity are a testament to its appeal in the competitive automotive market. While there are aspects to ponder, such as polarizing looks and the desire for a turbo-petrol engine, the vehicle’s rugged charm, confidence-inspiring driving experience, and feature-rich offerings have undeniably struck a chord with enthusiasts and practical buyers alike. As the market eagerly awaits the safety rating, the Hyundai Micro SUV continues its triumphant journey, reshaping expectations and setting new standards.

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