In a society where one’s fate often seems predetermined by circumstances, stories like Nishi Gupta’s stand out, painting a vivid picture of grit, determination, and excellence.

Topping Against the Odds:

As the results for the Judicial Services Examination were released, Kanpur erupted in celebration for one of its own. Nishi Gupta emerged as the state topper, proving that true talent and dedication always shine through.

Rooted in Humble Beginnings:

In the bustling lanes of Kanpur, Nirankar Gupta runs a modest paan shop, striving to provide for his family. His wife, Rekha Gupta, shoulders the household responsibilities with grace. In an environment where resources might have been limited, aspirations were not. The couple ensured nothing deterred their daughter’s educational pursuits.

A History of Academic Brilliance:

It was not just luck or overnight success for Nishi. She has consistently been an exemplary student. Her achievement in the UPPSC PCS (J) exam, which she cleared in her maiden attempt, is a testament to her unwavering dedication and intellect.

A Trail of Achievements:

Nishi’s academic journey has been nothing short of remarkable. She secured an impressive 92% in her Intermediate exams. Following her passion for law, she pursued BA-LLB in 2020 and further went on to complete her LLM in 2022, both from the esteemed Allahabad University.

A Dream Realized:
Fueled by her ambition to make a mark in the judiciary, Nishi embarked on her preparation journey. She enrolled in a reputed coaching institute in Prayagraj. Her relentless efforts bore fruit when she clinched the top position in the state. Reflecting on her journey, Nishi shared, “My dream was always to serve as a judge and contribute meaningfully to the judiciary.”

UPPSC PCS Topper Nishi Gupta
UPPSC PCS Topper Nishi Gupta

Nishi Gupta’s story is not just about topping an examination. It’s a narrative of a young woman’s resolve to rise above her circumstances, backed by the unwavering support of her parents. Her journey serves as an inspiration, signaling that with determination and hard work, one can overcome any barrier.